Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 30 / NOVEMBER 1982 / PAGE 6

The Editor's Notes …

Robert Lock Publisher/Editor-In-Chief

IBM Comes Home

A recent Wall Street Journal column reported that IBM is rumored to be studying an entry into the low-end, home/personal computing market. Several sources indicated their expectation that the company will expand their successful product line (15,000 personal computers a month) into the $500 or so market by sometime in 1983. We look forward to their further expansion and support of the marketplace. We'll also point out that the way prices have been going lately, the $500 systems will be substantially less by the end of 1983.

The Commodore 64 Charges Out Of The Gate

Our sources indicate that Commodore shipped 12,000 64's in the first two weeks of full release of the product. Now, their primary problem, much like Atari with the 800, is building them fast enough to meet demand. And that's at a time when the VIC-20 is now base priced at $199 and reportedly shipping around 80,000 units a month. No wonder outside analysts around the country are starting to recognize that there really is a strong and thriving home computer market. No news to you, right? The marketplace is growing so fast we're even beginning to see evidence that some of the other magazines in our industry may start trying to provide some editorial coverage of VIC, TI, the 400, and others.

Your First Computer

If you've recently joined the ranks of first time computer users, welcome to COMPUTE!. In every issue, you'll find a broad range of useful information designed and selected to support you in growing with your system. If you're still selecting your first computer, whether for home, educational, recreational or whatever use, you'll find us informative and helpful. Next month, our feature article will be "Selecting Your First Computer."

The Atari 600 And The Atari 1000

Additional rumors… Next summer's Consumer Electronics Show may mark the debut of the two newest entries into the Atari product line. You may reasonably infer that the 600 will fall between the 400 and 800 in pricing and features, and the 1000 is rumored to be Atari's planned entry into the small business market.

Our First Apple Columnist

Keith Falkner has contributed Apple articles of exceptional quality to these pages in the past. Beginning with the December issue, you'll find Keith's monthly Apple column, "Extrapolations." Keith lives in Toronto and has a broad background in all levels of computing. We welcome him to COMPUTE!.