Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 29 / OCTOBER 1982 / PAGE 215

Directory Of Personal Computer Owners

The Personal Computer Owners Directory can help you find people with the same interests or computer as you who are willing to trade information. Some of the computers listed in the directory are: Apple II, Apple II +, Apple III, Atari 400, Atari 800, Bell & Howell, PET, VIC-20, Fortune, Heath, HP, Intel, IBM-PC, NEC, North Star, Ohio Scientific, S-100, ZX-81, TI 99/4A, TRS 80 I, TRS 80 III, TRS 80 CC, Vector Graphics, Xerox, Zenith, and many others.

The interests covered in the directory are: Adventure, Aerospace, Architecture, Art, Astrology, Blind, Business, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Commercial Applications, Commodity Markets, Communications, Consultant, Data Acquisition, Data Base Management, Demographics, Education, Electronics, Engineering, Farming, Financial, Fish, Gambling, Games, Geology, Graphics, Hardware, Hobbyist, Home Management, Income Tax, Insurance, Knitting, Languages, Law, Library File Processing, Math, Medical, Music, Modems, Property Management, Psychology, Radio, Real Estate, Robotics, Sales, Science, Secretarial, Simulation, Software, Speech, Sports, Statistics, Stock, Telecommunications, Transportation, Utilities, and Word Processing.

A table is included to reference interests and computers to their owners.

For a free, permanent listing in the directory, send your name, address, computer type, interests, and state whether you are willing to trade information with other personal computer owners. To receive the current issue and the next issue with your listing, send $9.95 and the above information to:

Personal Computer Owners
Dept. 1J
P.O. Box 426
Feeding Hills, MA 01030