Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 29 / OCTOBER 1982 / PAGE 215

Index To Microprocessor Literature

Survey of Microprocessor and Personal Computer Literature is a new publication that overviews literature in this field. It surveys magazines large and small. Its purpose is to help the reader locate the article he needs and make it easier for him to keep informed and up-to-date.

Articles appearing in journals, trade publications and magazines are categorized, grouped and described for easy retrieval. A one-line bold-face statement gives the thrust of the article. This is followed by its title, some highlights, the number of illustrations, and the number of pages.

Survey consists of three sections. The section on personal computers is mainly for the non-engineering personal computer user. It includes program listings and reviews of disks.

The second section is mainly for the engineering reader. It indexes articles on chips, circuits, design, construction, etc.

The third section is of general interest. It includes applications and implications of computers in general, i.e., not specific to a particular computer.

Survey is published bimonthly. For further information send $2 to receive a sample prepublication issue. Send name and address with $2 to:

KVA Associates
2821 CaminodelMar
Del Mar, CA 92014