Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 29 / OCTOBER 1982 / PAGE 215

Grades Management System For Teachers

Master Grades program, a complete grades management system for secondary teachers, is now available from Midwest Software. This program was written by teachers for teachers and took two years to develop and test. With it you can produce pages for your record book, alphabetized grade summaries of all students by grade level or subject, progress notes to parents, and weekly (or oftener) reports in alpha or percentage order for all of your classes.

Master Grades is completely menu driven, user friendly, and uses a fast machine language sort. Most possible errors have been anticipated and trapped. Wherever possible, warnings and reminders are given to prevent you from making mistakes. The program is written for teachers, not programmers, and requires 16K or 32K of memory, a single or dual disk drive and a CBM or ASCII printer. The price is $29.50 (U.S. funds).

Midwest Software
Box 214
Farmington, MI 48024