Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 29 / OCTOBER 1982 / PAGE 215

VIAC: The VIC Interface To Any Cassette

Integrated Controls has announced the VIAC. This adapter allows you to connect almost any audio cassette recorder to the VIC-20, Commodore PET, CBM, and all the new Commodore computers that employ the same existing six-pin cassette interface. The VIAC has three plugs that connect directly to the microphone, earphone and remote jacks of any standard audio cassette recorder, and a six-pin edge connector cable that interfaces directly to the computer cassette slot.

In the Playback mode, the audio cassette signal is transformed to the proper polarity and level required by the computer. In the Record mode, the computer data is attenuated and fed to the Microphone input for recording on tape. The computer will control the Start and Stop of the cassette via the Remote jack input if so equipped; otherwise, the operator would have to manually Start and Stop the cassette.

The VIC Interface to Any Cassette

Although the VIAC has three switches, only one is required during normal operation:

  1. The GO/STANDBY Switch is used to communicate with the computer in response to cassette operation screen messages during LOAD or SAVE modes.
  2. The MANUAL/REMOTE Switch enables or disables the cassette Remote Control input and is set to REMOTE during normal operation.
  3. The POLARITY -/+ Switch allows various types of cassettes with different outputs to be interfaced with the computer. A simple procedure establishes the output polarity of the cassette. Once set, this switch need not be changed unless a different cassette is interfaced with the computer.

An Earphone Jack is provided for audio monitoring, allowing accurate program location on tape. A LED Data Indicator Provides visual indication of signal during Playback Mode. The VIAC can be interfaced as the Primary or Secondary cassette (on computers with multi-cassette ports).

Some added features available when using an audio cassette:

  • — Audio instructions or remarks can be recorded directly on the program tape, saving memory space.
  • — Makes program locating and editing on tape much easier.
  • — Can be used as an audio playback device under program control for Computer Aided Instruction Programs.
  • — Will utilize Fast Forward/Cue, Rewind/Review, and other enhanced features of cassette if so equipped.
  • — Can make audio tape to tape duplications with another cassette.

The VIAC is available, for $49.95, from:

Integrated Controls
1240-L Logan Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626