Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 29 / OCTOBER 1982 / PAGE 215

Software For Gifted And Talented Students

Island Software has released the Mindstretcher Series, a set of programs for gifted and talented students in grades three through nine.

Jigsaw (MS 1) is a group of four programs that present 16 picture puzzles, ranging from a view of New York city to Whistler's Mother.

Traffic Jam I Chain Reaction (MS 2) consists of two programs that provide exercise in strategy, as players try to force their opponents into vulnerable situations.

Rubik / Candles (MS 3) contains two programs that challenge students to develop problem-solving skills.

Black / Kayles (MS 4) presents two contests, with deceptively simple rules, that use advanced mathematical theory.

Jinx / Welter (MS 5), also two programs, develops deductive reasoning and insight into the structure of mathematical abstractions.

All programs work with any 8K PET. Every program includes a teacher's guide sheet with specific teaching suggestions.

Each set of programs is available for $20.

Island Software
Box 300
Lake Grove, NY 11755