Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 29 / OCTOBER 1982 / PAGE 215

Graphics + Plus From Lazer Microsystems

Lazer MicroSystems announces the availability of its Graphics + Plus module for the Apple II microcomputer system. This board teams up with Lazer's earlier units, the Lower Case + Plus and Lower Case + Plus III, to give the user a RAM based character set on the Apple II. With the Graphics + Plus, the Apple user can easily define and redefine the characters that appear on the text screen.

Although the Graphics + Plus lets you define any character you can fit in a 7x8 cell (like the hires character generators), absolutely no use of the hires graphics page is made! So 280x192 hires-style graphics becomes available on the Apple's IK screen. You manipulate the 960 bytes of data on the text page instead of the 8K bytes on the hires graphics page; you therefore manipulate the graphics characters on the screen–less than one-eighth the work. Since the graphics manipulation section of a program would be running eight to ten times faster, more time is available for performing more complex calculations, improving the sound effects, or, even better, allowing the user to write the program in BASIC instead of assembly language.

With Graphics + Plus, a whole new range of word processing, business, scientific, and game applications are possible.

Included with the Graphics + Plus are over 20 example fonts, an excellent font editor (and the fonts created by any hires character generator are compatible with the Graphics + Plus), several utility programs and example files. Both Pascal and DOS 3.3 software are provided on diskette for the Graphics + Plus user. Complete documentation for use and installation is provided with each board. The Graphics + Plus is available from your local dealer (or direct from Lazer MicroSystems) for only $159.95. For those who do not own a Lower Case + Plus or a Lower Case + Plus III, Lazer offers a special package price consisting of a Lower Case + Plus III and Graphics + Plus for only $199.95.

Lazer Microsystems, Inc.
1791 Capital, Unit G
Corona, CA 91720