Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 29 / OCTOBER 1982 / PAGE 215

TRS-80 Color Computer Program

Micro School Programs has announced a new program, Colortext, for use on TRS-80, 32K Color Computers, with one disk drive. Colortext is an easy-to-use high-resolution text driver which displays a variety of character fonts and graphics on the screen simultaneously, including the use of all features of Extended BASIC. It permits the intermixing of upper and lowercase text and graphics in various sizes and colors.

Other features include nondestructive overwrite for animation, variable screen scrolling speed, a BREAK key lock-up option, and ADDCHR – a program for creating and editing all characters (including graphics, alphanumeric, etc.). ADDCHR can be used to create character sets of up to 200 characters. The defined character sets may be used for foreign languages such as Greek, Hebrew, Russian, or for various other print types.

The TRS-80 Model III graphics character set is included in Colortext. This permits the user to enter and use programs written for Models I and III very quickly, using the same graphics character set numbers used in the other programs. This character set may be changed by the user if desired.

This program is intended for use by curriculum authors, teachers, game designers, or by anyone who wishes to prepare programs which involve the simultaneous use of text, graphics, and color. User programs (up to 16K) will run with Colortext on 32K machines.

The more than 50-page user's manual provides complete instructions on the use of the program. Users are led through a practice program which introduces them to the various features of Colortext. A demonstration program is also included on the disk to illustrate character sets, colors, display techniques, and animation. Two reference sections are also included, one for Colortext and one for the ADDCHR program.

Colortext comes on disk with manual. Price is $79.80.

Bertamax Inc.
101 Nickerson, Suite 202
Seattle, WA 98109