Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 29 / OCTOBER 1982 / PAGE 215

Publications From K-12 MicroMedia

The fall 1982 edition of the K-12 MicroMedia catalog of selected books and programs for microcomputer-assisted learning is now available.

Describing over 350 items from over 75 publishers, the catalog is organized according to subject, with recommended grade levels, machine compatibility, and media format (tape or disk) all clearly indicated. All materials may be ordered directly from K-12 MicroMedia on a thirty-day approval basis.

Offering programs for the Apple, Atari, PET, and TRS-80 microcomputers, the new catalog includes 23 new releases.

Educators may obtain a free copy by writing to K-12 MicroMedia.


Getting Down to BASIC is the first book published by K-12 MicroMedia. The 64-page workbook is for students in grades 7-10 who have had no prior programming coursework.

Designed to be used while students are working at the microcomputer, Getting Down to BASIC clearly and concisely explains and illustrates key BASIC commands, statements, and elementary programming techniques, including loops, flowcharting, and graphics commands. Differences among Apple, PET, and TRS-80 are noted throughout. Eight labs conveniently segment the material into manageable lessons. A glossary explains over 50 common computer terms.

Getting Down to BASIC costs $4.95 (plus 50€ postage). School discounts are available for quantity purchases.

K-12 MicroMedia
172 Broadway
WoodcliffLake, NJ 07675

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