Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 29 / OCTOBER 1982 / PAGE 215

Amber Screen Monitor

USI Computer Products Division has introduced the USI Pi-4, a monochromatic video monitor with a 9'' amber display. Featuring the low-fatigue amber phosphor adopted as a standard by European nations, the USI Pi-4 has 1000-lines at center resolution with 20 MHz bandwidth.

The USI Pi-4 has a 44 squareinch (9'' diagonal) screen, with a full 80-character by 24-line text display. Clear, crisp graphics are ensured by USI Pi-4's wide bandwidth and high resolution, adding to the monitor's comfort factor. Corner-to-corner legibility, even with lower-case descenders, assures a high-quality, easily-readable display.

USI Pi-4 monitors are supplied in computer-coordinated enclosures that feature convenient front panel display brightness/contrast controls, power switch, and LED power indicator.

The compact and stackable Pi-4 weighs only 15 pounds. RCA phone jacks and a standard SO-239 connector make possible easy connection to major small business or personal computers.

Sold with a 90-day over-the-counter warranty, all USI Pi-4 monitors receive 100-hour factory burn-in and reinspection before being shipped. Available from computer stores nationally, the Pi-4 is offered at a suggested list price of $215.

USI Consumer Products Division
71 Park Lane
Brisbane, CA 94005