Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 29 / OCTOBER 1982 / PAGE 215

Expansion Chassis For VIC

Arfon Microelectronics, Ltd. has announced a new product – the Arfon Micro VIC-20 Expansion Chassis. The Micro VIC-20 Expansion Chassis enhances the VIC-20 system by fully expanding the VIC-20 memory; plugging in interfaces for data retrieval; and controlling applications, other computer peripherals, cartridges for expanded BASIC language functions, and programming utilities.

The Arfon Micro VIC-20 Expansion Chassis has the following features: seven expansion slots; all aluminum construction; large power supply with torodial transformer; five volt supply direct to the VIC-20 for cooler operation; 24 volt supply for the Arfon Micro VIC printer; detachable cover to protect cartridges; housing for VIC and Expansion in one portable unit; holder for RF modulator; and support for all VIC-20 cartridges from Arfon Micro, Commodore, and others.

Arfon Microelectronics, Ltd.
Ill Rena Drive
Lafayette, LA 70503

Arfon Micro VIC-20 Expansion Chassis shown here with cover removed.