Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 26 / JULY 1982 / PAGE 191

New Education Microcomputer Literature From Commodore

A new informational brochure is availble from Commodore Business Machines Limited, Scarborough, Ontario to maximize the understanding of Commodore microcomputer capabilities in the educational field.

The brochure, entitled "The Educational Experience," covers all aspects of Commodore products as they apply to education. Included are descriptions of the four Commodore product lines, available education grants, educational software capabilities and other features. The service records are also described, as well as the intelligent peripherals, the full product line compatibility, the local support in the form of materials and dealers, and the networking capability of Commodore equipment.

For further information:

Ian Kennedy
Market Support Manager
Commodore Business Machines Limited
3370 Pharmacy Avenue
Agincourt, Ontario
M1W 2K4