Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 26 / JULY 1982 / PAGE 191

New VIC-20 Program By RAK Electronics

Budget II – a new home budget program that maintains a full calendar year's budget data on tape for review and update. The data requires input of each month's NET INCOME and 16 budget categories. After all of the month's data is input, the data is saved via subroutine on the Budget II Data Tape which is included. The data can be reloaded from the Data Tape at any later time for review or update. Budget II can display each month's data in dollar amounts, percentages and color bargraph. In addition to the 12 months, Budget II can display the total year amounts and the monthly average of the months with data entered.

Following are the routines available from the Menu of Budget II:

  1. INPUT NEW DATA: Allows input of new budget data of each of the 12 months in 16 budget categories.
  2. LOAD DATA TAPE: allows the loading of budget data from the Budget II Data Tape.
  3. CREATE NEW DATA TAPE: allows the saving of budget data on the Budget II Data Tape after inputting NEW DATA from 1 above.
  4. VIEW DATA: allows the display of the selected month's budget data in dollar amounts, percentages and color bargraph for the 16 budget categories.
  5. PRINT (YEAR) BUDGET: Using an optional printer, provides printed copy of each month, total year and average month budget data.

Budget II can be used each month to add the amounts of that month's budget data and can be saved over again on the Data Tape. At the completion of the year, a new year can be saved on a new Data Tape allowing multiple years' files to be maintained.

Budget II requires the VIC-20, VIC-1530 Datasette and the VIC-1110 8K Memory Expander. Budget II including documentation and Budget II Data Tape sells for $9.95.

VIC FILE is a multi-purpose cassette based file system for VIC. Commands include LOAD, SAVE, PRINT, ADD, CHANGE, SORT, DELETE, and more. Expands to available memory automatically. Allows printer option. Includes manual and data cassette. Requires minimum of 3K expansion with your VIC computer. $9.95.

WAS RECORD, an Amateur Radio program, maintains your Worked All States record for HAM Radio with a need/worked/confirmed status and the call of the station worked for each state. Summary of worked and confirmed totals and printed routine. Requires a VIC and 3K memory expander and is available on cassette tape for $6.95.

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