Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 26 / JULY 1982 / PAGE 191

Educational Game Drill From School Courseware Journal

Students of any age may now begin to find the typewriter and computer keys by touch and without looking, in a new educationally designed game drill by School Courseware Journal (previously Corse Ware Magazine).

"TYPING" presents on the screen the names of the keys for a single typewriter row. This presentation encourages learners to keep their eyes away from their fingers. As the user responds to letter or character cues correctly, the key names begin to disappear from the screen. If a cue is missed, the key name will reappear to help the user. The object of the drill is to make all the key names disappear from the screen. A summary of speed, accuracy and score is presented at the end of each game with the previous best speed, accuracy and score also displayed.

Students are encouraged to double the amount of their drill by the question DO YOU WISH TO TRY TO BEAT YOUR SCORE?

Volume 2, Number 3 of School Course Ware Journal, which includes the two programs "TYPING" and "SIGN DRILL," costs $ 15.95 for the cassette version of the two programs (and $6.50 for each program when included in a school year subscription). The programs are available on cassette or diskette for the Apple II 16K, TRS-80 16K, and PET 8K microcomputers.

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