Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 25 / JUNE 1982 / PAGE 175

Insoft Announces GraFORTH: An Apple II Graphics Language

GraFORTH is a graphics programming language for entertainment, educational, and other graphics software creation. Designed for novices and professionals alike, GraFORTH features fast 3-D color animation graphics including rotation, scale, transposition, and perspective. Character set graphics are also included with full color, variable character sizes, upper and lower case text entry, and a block print command for easy manipulation of large shapes. Lines are drawn much faster than in BASIC and colored lines are never broken. Turtle-graphics are included to rapidly draw line shapes at any angle. In addition, GraFORTH has a software-based music synthesizer for adding music or sound effects to your programs. Music can be played in any one of several possible instrument voices.

GraFORTH is highly structured, providing easy-to-read code and programs that are fully compiled to machine language for fast execution. A 220 page tutorial manual provides complete descriptions of the program's operation.

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