Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 25 / JUNE 1982 / PAGE 10

[In this column in the March, 1982, issue R. D. Young asked some questions about the COMPUTE! program "Keyword" (October, 1981) for PET/CBM. Liz Deal replies:] Yes, indeed, there is a 15-character limit on file names. It can get as short as 12 bytes if you use replace (@) command and drive #, as in .S "@1 :PROG",08,XXXX,XXXX. The conspiracy is coded at $FF41 in Upgrade PET.

Keyword is IRQ driven, hence, any time you press shifted key, a keyword will appear, unless the program senses that you're running a BASIC program. Thing to do is turn it off (or get Power). Liz Deal