Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 23 / APRIL 1982 / PAGE 183

Reston Publishing Introduces New Software/Book Products

Reston Publishing Company, a subsidiary of Prentice-Hall Inc., unveiled three new entries in its personal computer book line.

The three new computer book/software packages are: Paint, package available for use on the Atari 400 or 800 personal computer; Multiploy, an educational game for the Apple II Plus computer; and Space Knights, a game of warring space pirates.

Paint is an educational software program written by the Capital Children's Museum of Washington, DC. Utilizing the color capabilities of the Atari, the students are able to create "paintings" of their own on the computer using hundreds of color textures. The paint brush is controlled by the joy stick of the computer. The Paint package consists of an educational book with the complete software – both work side-by-side to guide the students through every step.

Multiploy, by Paul Coletta, is an educational game developed for the Apple home computer. The combination of arcade-type action and mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) provide a fun environment for learning. There are three different skill levels for each operation, making this a game for any age group. The computer automatically ranks the players at every skill level so they can follow their own progress as they climb to the top level.

Multiploy will be available in May. Cost is $19.95.

Space Knights, especially designed for sci-fi computer gamers, is written by David L. Heller and Robert Kurcina. Using the Atari 400 personal computer, this new concept in software links adventure, science fiction and the computer's color, sound, and graphic capabilities. The result is a series of role-playing games for all ages. Players follow Jake and Lisa through a series of action-packed adventures in an attempt to do better than they do on their adventure. The encounters are successively harder to provide the challenge.

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