Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 23 / APRIL 1982 / PAGE 183

Home Budget Programs For The Atari

Personal Finance
9607 Athlone
Dallas, TX 75218

Personal Finance offers several different programs, such as check entry, budget entry/review, check search, tabulations, expense/budget charts, check reconciliation and a secondary menu which offers eight utility programs. A four-color bar graph program provides the same type of information as does the Tabulations program – expenses versus budget by month, year-to-date, or by expense category over twelve months. In Check Search, you can search through your checks and records by payee, expense category, tax deductible status, or check number.

This program retails for $49.95, operates with 24K and an 810 disk drive. It is an auto-boot, menu driven package.


From: Sunrise Software
P.O. Box 25621
Cleveland, OH 44125

Budgetmaster will:

1) Teach you how to set up a personal budget.

2) Allow you to set up your categories, budget amounts, and input your expenses, without additional equipment or materials.

3) Make changes in category names, budget amounts, expense inputs, and otherwise manipulate data for 12 months at a time to tape or disk.

4) Analyze your spending patterns and your budgeting skills to assist you in making future budget decisions.

5) Interface with most printers, giving you a hard copy of your displays whenever you wish.

6) Save your data and category names on either cassette or diskette.

Budgetmaster is currently available on disk for $34.95. Check Balancer may also be purchased with Budgetmaster for a total sum of $39.95, and will interface with Budgetmaster. Another version of Check Balancer will operate independently and will retail in the $14-$ 17 range if bought separately. Cassette versions are available for both for slightly less.

These programs require an Atari 400 or 800 with 32K RAM.


Personal Finance System
From: Dynacomp, Inc.
1427 Monroe Ave.
Rochester, NY 14618

This is a single diskette, menu-oriented system – a collection of ten interdependent programs that are used to create, correct, maintain, sort and display your personal finance records. All information is stored in the form of concise records in a master data file. 600 records per disk.

PFS will sort and summarize expenses by payee, and display information on expenditures by any of 26 user defined codes by month or by payee. It will produce monthly bar graphs of your expenses by category.

The program requires 24K of memory. It retails for $34.95.