Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 23 / APRIL 1982 / PAGE 183

Disks And New Educational Programs From Teacher's Pet Software

All Teacher's Pet Software programs are now available on two disks with menus and automatic program loading from the menus. One disk contains all math and logic programs, the other all language and management programs. When a student finishes the programs, a single keypress will either restart the program or reload the menu. These programs will run on any 40 column BASIC 3.0 or 4.0 PET using a 2040, 4040, or 2031 disk drive.

Teacher's Pet Software has just released 4 new decimal and fraction math programs designed for students in grades 4 through 8. In all programs, up to 4 students can take turns working individual problems, and be scored separately.

Decimal Multiplication provides 5 levels of multiplication problems from single digit to 5 digit multiplicands with up to 4 digits after the decimal place. The program follows the paper and pencil procedure, making it a very effective tutorial. This is the only program a teacher needs to reinforce the common multiplication algorithm, and to teach the multiplication of decimal and whole numbers.

Comparing Fractions provides practice in comparing fractions, providing pictures of the fractions and a thorough, interactive tutorial teaching students a simple and fool-proof method for comparing two fractions.

Comparing Fractions II extends the practice of Comparing Fractions to more difficult fractions to let students test their mastery, and provides the same tutorial for review. Both programs have "help" and the directions available at any time in the program.

Recognizing Fractions provides the opportunity for practice in naming fractions given a picture, in drawing the picture (on the screen) given the fraction, or in a random mix of the two. The teacher can select the mode, or let the student choose.

Teacher's Pet Software has available over two dozen other programs in math, language, logic, and management suitable for elementary and junior high school students. Many of the programs are being used for remediation in high schools. These programs were written by Glenn Fisher, an elementary school teacher, computer consultant, and author of articles on computer use and programming techniques. A free brochure describing all programs is available from:

Teacher's Pet Software
Glenn Fisher
1517 Holly St.
Berkeley, CA 94703