Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 23 / APRIL 1982 / PAGE 183

Programs For The Classroom

Two microcomputer programs to aid classroom instruction were released in the second 1981-82 issue of CourseWare Magazine. The instructional package includes program documentation, teacher and student guides.

Decimal Estimation presents a student with a multiplication problem such as:

42.31 × .1602 = .677780620

The user moves the decimal by pressing the R key to move right or the L key to move left. The student places the decimal point to his/her satisfaction. RETURN is pressed to register the response and the computer accepts or rejects the response. A running timer is displayed and, after each success, average time per problem.

Alphabetize gives the student experience in ranking lists of between three and eight words. The teacher supplies a vocabulary. The computer selects at random the chosen number of words which appear on the screen. The student interchanges pairs of words until the list is correctly alphabetized. A score is kept which represents elapsed time to complete the task.

Versions of the instructional package are published for Apple, PET and TRS-80 microcomputers. They were mailed to subscribers in the US, Canada, Europe, Taiwan and Japan. CourseWare Magazine is located at:

4919 North Millbrook #222
Fresno, CA 93726