Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 23 / APRIL 1982 / PAGE 183

Software For Elementary Students

Orange Cherry Media, a division of Multi Dimensional Communications, Inc., announces its line of microcomputer software for the educational and consumer marketplace.

Fifty-nine programs have been marketed which will include software in the areas of language arts, reading, communication skills, science, and mathematics. The programs have been specifically programmed for all popular models of Commodore PET, Radio Shack (TRS-80), and Apple microcomputers.

Similar to Orange Cherry's audio visual lines, the microcomputer software has been designed for the elementary market, grades K-8.

According to Carol Vazzana, Vice President of Marketing at Orange Cherry Media, "Our software relates directly to curriculum objectives and takes youngsters on adventures that enliven lessons in subject areas."

Programs are available on separate cassette tapes and disks for each of the various models of PET, TRS-80 and Apple computers. Many of these programs provide students and instructors with a choice of subject matter. The learner's responses are recorded to determine the reading and comprehension levels of the subject matter.

Orange Cherry Media
7 Delano Drive
Bedford Hills, NY 10507