Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 23 / APRIL 1982 / PAGE 183

Software Packages For The Atari From Roklan

Twelve new software packages have been developed by Roklan Corporation of Rosemont, Illinois. Three categories of programs are available: programming utilities, business applications and games.

Among the utilities designed for programmers are a Copy/ Verify – Format/Certify program and an Absolute Disk Editor. A Telecommunications package allows computers to "talk" to each other and transfer data efficiently. In addition, a 6502 simulator program has been developed for Apple computer systems.

Among the business applications packages are FinPac, a financial calculations package containing programs for all financial calculations, and Real Estate, a real estate investors aide which will also be useful to brokers and appriasers.

Game programs to be introduced include several microcomputer versions of popular arcade games. Among them are Deluxe Invaders, Midway's Gorf, and Wizard of Wor.

Roklan Corporation
10600 Higgins Road Rosemont,IL 60018