Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 23 / APRIL 1982 / PAGE 183

BASIC Programmer's Notebook

BASIC Programmer's Notebook, a 110-page textbook by Earl R. Savage, presents an array of techniques and subroutines by which both novice and experienced programmers can write programs easier and better. Rewritten from notes collected over the years, the Notebook offers shortcuts to replace lengthy techniques, statements sequences to make programs more professional in appearance, and techniques for increasing their effectiveness and efficiency. Instructions and explanations given make it possible to do many things with the computer which may not have occurred to the user. No complete programs are given, only many subroutines and program fragments that allow the user's imagination and sense of purpose to develop programs tailored to specific needs. The advanced programmer will find an array of ideas that have been worked out to save time.

Although the program statements are written in the Radio Shack Level II BASIC, they can be used in various types of computers either exactly as written or with only minimal changes to adapt them to most other BASIC dialects.

Each topic and each subroutine is stated clearly and explained in detail; how and why it works, when and how to use it. Flowcharts clarify the logic further when needed.

The book is divided into four major parts. Part 1 contains a variety of suggestions for improving the quality, size, and speed of one's programs. Part 2, the largest section, contains 50 Notes and many variations of them. Each Note is comprised of a listing of the statements as they would appear in a program, an analysis of the statements, suggested uses of the subroutine or technique, and variations of the listing with a flowchart if appropriate. Part 3 gives detailed information in utility programs which can be a real asset in program writing and guides the user in the wise selection of those aids. Part 4 presents hardware aids to increase the efficiency of the entire computer operation including, for example, various ways to shorten saving and loading time, memory expansion, and others.

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