Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 23 / APRIL 1982 / PAGE 183

Reference Guide For Computer Publications

Micro… Publications in Review is a monthly publication, a quick reference, of titles of articles in the 70+ Micro-Mini Computer and Technology Publications. It has a magazine format and is intended to keep the reader abreast of this explosive industry through (1) reprints of the Table of Contents and (2) a subject index consisting of 26 major disciplines with each having from 6 to 40 classifications. Approximately 70 publications are covered with over 800 articles per issue.

Where possible, a fourth breakdown by computer and a fifth by language and/or operating system is classified. These later breakdowns will only appear in special issues.

Any title can be classified in one or two classifications and the breakdown is manually coded for computer indexing, since in most cases the title does not offer the necessary information for any keyword search.

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