Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 23 / APRIL 1982 / PAGE 183

Communication And Cataloging Now For CBM

HESCOM is a machine language program that can transfer data and programs between two PETs, two VICs or a PET and a VIC. You can load into the PET/CBM a program from a disk and transfer it to the VIC at 7000 bytes per second – three times the speed of the disk. After modifying the program on the VIC, you can send it back to the PET for saving to a disk or listing on a printer. HESCOM subroutines can also be called in programs to transfer single or whole blocks of memory between two machines. Thus, you can use an existing disassembler for the PET and with one change, disassemble the ROMs in the VIC. Use the VIC as a peripheral to the PET – a program running on the PET could display hi-res color graphics on the VIC, produce four-voice VIC sound or even get input from joysticks connected to the VIC. Price is $49.95 on tape, $52.95 on disk, plus $2 for postage.

HESCAT is a complete and fast diskette cataloging system for a PET/CBM, comprised of five programs in BASIC and machine language. You can catalog diskettes almost as fast as you can insert them. Use HESCAT to organize your diskette library. Using a full or partial name, in seconds you can find on what diskette a certain program is on. For example, "SORT" would match filenames "SORT" and "QUICK-SORTER"; "T?N" would match "TOP TEN", "TIN" and "TNT". When filenames are found, the display can be paused and resumed at your convenience. Reports available include an alphabetized list of all your filenames, a summary listing of each diskette, or a list of all filenames, grouped by the disk they are on. For each, you can select the entire report or choose a range. All sorting is done in machine language. HESCAT is menu-driven with excellent human engineering. Price is $39.95 on disk plus $2 postage.

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