Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 23 / APRIL 1982 / PAGE 183

Accounting Software For The Apple III

EASy™ (Executive Accounting System) for Apple III is now being shipped to computer stores nationwide. It is the latest addition to a line of business software products developed by The Denver Software Company.

EASy™ is for the Apple III personal computer using floppy diskettes. It is an integrated general ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable system for medium-sized businesses. It meets the accounting needs of business managers, department heads, professionals, consultants, and retailers, EASy™ is designed for people with no computer experience and limited accounting experience.

EASy™ generates detailed financial and management reports in a clear format. It also prints invoices, statements, and checks. It is entirely menu driven, user-friendly, and expandable. Add-on modules will be available for inventory, word processing, budgeting, graphic analysis, and payroll. It's upgradable. EASy™ will be available for the Apple III Profile hard disk system.

Denver Software Company
14100 East Jewell Ave.
Suite 15
Aurora, CO 80012