Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 23 / APRIL 1982 / PAGE 12


"I am planning to buy a VIC-20 computer, and rather than spend all that extra money for a printer to go with it, I would like to use the Model 35 teletype, which I already have.

The teletype printer takes an 8-bit ASCII code, ignoring the 8th bit, which the keyboard adds as a "parity check." (I'd guess the speed to be about ten characters per second.)

What I need is some kind of an interface that can plug directly into the VIC-20, and connect directly to the selector magnets on my teletype printer.

It would also be nice if the interface could take signals from the teletype keyboard contacts (altering the 8th bit of each character if necessary) and transmit back to the VIC-20 computer…this way, when I'm working with the video display, I can use the regular keyboard that is on the VIC-20; and when I'm getting a hard-copy printout through the teletype, and I need to key-in something, I can do it right there from the teletype keyboard.

Do you know anybody who can build such an interface for me, or show me how to build one myself?"

R. O. Danvers