Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 23 / APRIL 1982 / PAGE 12

"I would like to make a couple of small contributions. The first is in the form of an amendment to [The Atari version of] the maze-generating program of Charles Bond that appeared in the December, 1981, issue (No. 19). The maze generator works perfectly as printed, but the added program to move a "mouse" through the maze apparently contained a bug as well as a mouse. I have found that a single line of code will fix it:

1025 IF PEEK(A) = 84 THEN POKE A,0

This allows the program to erase the last mouse drawn, and lets the mouse turn back on its own path when it comes to a dead end.

I was given the Assembler/Editor cartridge for Christmas, and were it not for Richard Druse's article, Atari Tape Techniques, in COMPUTE!, August, 1981, #14, I would have spent a lot more time tracking down what I thought was a serious malfunction in the cartridge. When discussing the transferral of programs to and from cassette, so that they can be run by the BASIC cartridge, the A/E manual never mentions that one must use the LIST "C" and ENTER"C" commands from BASIC. All it says is to follow the procedures in the 410 recorder manual, which never mentions these commands." William E. L. Grossman