Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 21 / FEBRUARY 1982 / PAGE 12

"Re: Question from John Fry about files in OS65D 3.0 COMPUTE! #18.

It seems that although the program example is complete, there was no mention of the creation of a buffer. The program on my C4P MF was completely erased as I knew it would be when I typed it in to confirm my suspicions. Since OSI uses the beginning of the workspace for file buffers, the file is brought on top of the program or portions thereof when the open occurs.

There are many inordinate constructions in OS65D, one of which is the placement of the buffers. I have successfully edited the DOS to place the buffers at the top of memory. The advantage is that I can now easily write programs with sequential and/or random files and need not use the awkward CHANGE utility to create the buffers before I write the program. (This was an enormous help to me as virtually 80% to 90% of the programs I write use random files.)" Ross C. Votaw