Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 21 / FEBRUARY 1982 / PAGE 183

Sirius Software Announces Addition To Their Product Line

The Joyport for the Apple Computer provides expansion of the game paddle port to allow the use of four paddles (with all buttons functional) or to allow the use of one or two Atari™ type joysticks. Atari type joysticks are fast, simple and typically retail for less than $10.00 each. Some of the features of the Joyport are:

Two connectors to accept Atari type joysticks. All four axis and the fire buttons are fully functional. Since the analog inputs are not used with the Atari type joystick the response is very fast. No delays between reads is needed. The Atari joystick can be read just as fast as the keyboard.

Two 16 pin sockets to accept standard Apple style paddles, joysticks or other devices designed to operate from the Apple's game paddle port.

A switch to change from Atari to Apple controls. Both may remain plugged in. No need to unplug one control to use the other.

A switch to select either of the two Joyport game paddle sockets to be read as paddles 0 and 1 or even to allow your software to select which set of paddles will be read as paddles 0 and 1.

Total compatibility with existing software and hardware. Even the use of the Shift Key to TTL input #3 modification that many people use is compatible. No modification to the Apple is necessary and the Joyport does not take up any peripheral slots.

The Joyport sets next to the Apple with all sockets and switches easily accessible. The Atari type sockets are mounted on the front of the device and the Apple type sockets are inside the box. A convenient snap on cover provides a strain relief for the Apple type sockets and still allows changing them without getting inside the Apple.

A wide variety of software is being developed to take advantage of the added features of the Joyport. This includes most products that Sirius Software will be publishing as well as software from other vendors. New products available from Sirius Software that will be compatible include Foosball—a fóur player action game that is included FREE with each Joyport purchased prior to Christmas, 1981. Cops and Robbers, PGE — The Pascal Graphics Editor, and Outpost are compatible with the Joyport.

Existing software may be easily modified. The small (20 to 100 bytes) driver is relocatable. The presence or absence of the Joyport can be determined by your software and automatically enabled. The software can also allow simultaneous use of the keyboard and either the game paddles or the Atari type joysticks.

The custom PC board is machine wave-soldered, hand inspected and bench tested.

Fully documented with source code listings of sample driver routines.

Write for details to Sirius Software Inc., Joyport, 2001 Arden Way, #2, Sacramento, CA 95825.