Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 21 / FEBRUARY 1982 / PAGE 183

Medical Package For Apple III

Monument Computer Service has released a new software applications for the Medical Profession running on the Apple III Computer. The package, called the Medical Clinic, runs under the SOS operating system and is written in Business Basic. The package is designed for the multi-practitioner medical practice.

The package manages the physician's appointment schedules, does patient recall, prepares appointment logs, and provides for patient file management. The system also has a full accounts receivable system for managing daily transactions and payments, preparing monthly client bills, and reporting aged accounts receivable. The billing element also prepares standard AMA approved claim forms.

The system will handle a virtually unlimited patient base using either mini-floppy diskettes or the latest Apple hard disk. The system is designed to improve professional cash flow with such features as a superbill, individual bill preparation and cycle billing.

The package is available for $1,495.95 complete. A demonstration manual is also available for $50.00. Additional information is available from Monument Computer Service, Village Data Center, P.O. Box 603, Joshua Tree, CA. 92252. Technical questions and dealer inquiries should be directed to (714) 365-6668. Additional written information is available from the order center at (800) 854-0561 Ext. 802 (In California call 800-432-7257.)