Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 21 / FEBRUARY 1982 / PAGE 183

From Synergistic Software

Odyssey: The Compleat Adventure, is now available for the Apple II computer in the Applesoft BASIC language. This adventure game is expanded into three separate but interlocking programs. The programs have colorful high resolution animation as well as sound effects.

Many different paths to the goal exist that will not trap the player or force repetition. Being a role playing game, player action determines alignment, charisma, wisdom, experience, etc. These features affect the outcome of friendship and battle encounterd during play.

The object of this game is to save a realm from an evil ruler. Starting alone on a large island you seek out gold, soldiers to join you, and useful tools while gaining experience. If you are successful and clever you can not only walk but also ride, fly, and sail.

With dozens of high resolution pictures and animation effects different each time you play, each game is unique. Careful planning and strategy are necessary to successfully complete this adventure. Requires 48K Apple II or Apple II Plus. Available in Integer or Applesoft for $30.00 from Synergistic Software, 5221 120th Avenue SE, Bellevue, WA 98006. (206)226-3216