Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 21 / FEBRUARY 1982 / PAGE 183

From Strategic Simulations

Napoleon's Campaigns is a corps-level game simulating the last campaigns of Napoleon: Leipzig and Waterloo. It is an advanced-level, board-assisted computer game.

Each campaign is displayed on a colorful 18×21 hex grid map in Hi-Res Graphics. The game employs a unique system requiring orders to be sent and received through dispatches. The reports received vary in degree of accuracy based on a variety of historical factors. The computer acts as corps commander for each corps, interpreting the orders the corps receives and often acting on its own initiative. These features simulate the frustration experienced by commanders of the Napoleonic Era.

The game includes one diskette, rule book, player aid card, 2 two-sided map boards and 100 counters for $59.95.

Southern Command is a battalion-level simulation for the Israeli counterattack to cross the Suez Canal during the October War of 1973 against Egypt.

The Sinai battleground is displayed in Hi-Res Graphics on a 28×39 hex grid map which can be viewed on one screen or on twelve screens, using scrolling. More than ten unit types including tanks, halftracks, BDM's, infantry and Egyptian SAM sites (to combat Israeli airstrikes) are used in the two player and each of the four computer-as-opponent scenarios.

Modern warfare is accurately reflected in the ability of units to reorganize after they have been attacked and in the "Delayed Move" feature, allowing units to ambush moving enemy units. Each side also has the ability to sight hidden enemy units.

Southern Command is available with diskette, rule book, map and player aid card for $39.95.

Both games require a 48K Apple II with Applesoft in ROM and one disk drive.

From Strategic Simulations, 465 Fairchild Dr., Suite 108, Mountain View, CA 94043.