Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 21 / FEBRUARY 1982 / PAGE 183

From Krell Software Corp.

WAR OF THE SAMURAI is a game of combat and intrigue. Two to four players may compete in this original game that combines the strategic complexity of Go with the subtle dynamics of Chess. Detailed graphics.

Machines: Apple, PET, TRS-80, 16K, available on disk or cassette. $39.95

ALEXANDER THE GREAT is a vocabulary building game in a fantasy game context. Based on the Sword of Zedek, their best selling fantasy game. Alexander the Great introduces Aristotle as a mentor to the player. When called on, Aristotle poses vocabulary questions, and depending on the speed and accuracy of the player response, confers secret information. With Aristotle as an ally, the quest to overthrow Ra, The Master of Evil, assumes a new dimension of complexity. Players may select the level of vocabulary difficulty.

Machines: Apple, TRS-80, PET, 48K, available in two versions (K-8) & (9-College). $39.95.

ISAAC NEWTON challenges the players to assemble evidence and discern the underlying "Laws of Nature" that have produced this evidence. ISAAC NEWTON is an inductive game that allows players to intervene actively by proposing experiments to determine if new data conform to the "Laws of Nature" in question. Players may set the level of difficulty from simple to fiendishly complex.

In a classroom setting the instructor may elect to choose "Laws of Nature" in accordance with the complete instruction manual provided.

Machines: Apple, PET, TRS-80, Atari, 16K, available on disk or cassette. $24.95

FIG NEWTON - full graphics Newton. This version of Isaac Newton presents all data in graphic form. Because data is graphic rather than symbolic, this game is suitable for very young children. Players may, however, select difficulty levels challenging to the most skilled adults.

Machines: Apple, PET, TRS-80, Atari, 16K, available on disk or cassette. $24.95

ODYSSEY IN TIME adventure game adds a new dimension of excitement and complexity to TIME TRAVELER. Players must now compete with the powerful and treacherous adversary in their exacting quest for victory.

To succeed they must vanquish this adversary in combat that rages across 24 time periods.

ODYSSEY IN TIME includes all the challenges of TIME TRAVELER plus 10 additional eras, including those of Alexander the Great, Emperor Asoka of India, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan. Each game is unique and may be interrupted and saved at any point for later play.

Machines: Apple, PET, TRS-80, Atari, 32K, available on disk or cassette. $39.95

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