Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 21 / FEBRUARY 1982 / PAGE 183

From Automated Simulations

Automated Simulations, Inc. has released a new MIND TOY, Ricochet, an original abstract strategy game designed exclusively for the home computer.

Ricochet is a game of subtle strategy combined with fast action and arcade-style graphics. The game can be played against any of four different computer opponents, or against another human.

The player maneuvers blocks to set up a shot at his opponent's goal and to protect his goal from attack. Each player has two launchers he can fire. His shots ricochet off the blocks, earning him points each time a block is hit, plus he gets bonus points for hitting his opponent's goal.

Before he can claim victory, the player must win two out of three (or three out of five) games. A match victory also boosts his personal Ricochet Player Rating, which measures his mastery of the game against other players.

Ricochet is available on cassette for the Atari 400/800 (16K with BASIC ROM cartridge) and TRS-80 (16K, Level II), or on disk for the Atari 400/800 (32K), TRS-80 (TRSDOS 32K) and APPLE (48K with Applesoft in ROM). $19.95

From Automated Simulations, P.O. Box 4247, Mountain View, CA 94040.