Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 20 / JANUARY 1982 / PAGE 189

More Powerful Apple III Features Mass Storage, New Software

Cupertino, CA — A more powerful version of the Apple III personal computer, with greatly expanded mass-storage capability and professional application programs, will be delivered beginning in mid-December by Apple Computer Inc.

The new Apple III features an improved operating system, more reliable hardware, seven new or enhanced software packages and lower prices than the earlier product. In addition, Apple III supports up to 256K bytes of internal memory.

The expanded storage capability is provided by the new Apple III/ProFile Personal Mass-Storage System. Designed to be integrated into Apple III systems, ProFile is a five-million-byte, Winchester-type, hard-disk system which gives Apple users nearly 35 times the mass-storage capacity of a single floppy disk.

The usefulness of the Apple III is further expanded by a total of seven new or enhanced application programs. One such program, Access III, allows Apple III computers to communicate with large mainframe computers. Apple Ills for the first time can be used as remote data processing work stations, accessing information from the larger data base and returning completed work to the central computer.

Other new or enhanced programs introduced today include Apple Writer III for word processing; VisiCalcTM III and Business Graphics III for preparing and analyzing detailed business information; Business BASIC and Pascal III for developing advanced application programs; and Script III for formatting Pascal text into layout-perfect printouts. In addition, an updated version of Mail List Manager will soon be available for maintaining mailing lists and printing labels using an Apple Ill/Profile system.