Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 20 / JANUARY 1982 / PAGE 189

Cimarron Releases File Handling System For The Commodore Business Computer

Costa Mesa, CA — CIMARRON CORPORATION announced today that it is making its proprietary file handling system called CMAR available to systems houses and retailers who are developing business applications software for the Commodore line of small business computers.

CMAR is a keyed file access method that provides the foundation for CIMARRON'S Legal Time Accountinng and Medical Accounting packages marketed by Commodore nationally. CMAR is compatible with all present Commodore disc subsystems utilizing the existing disc format. It is written in 6502 machine language and interacts directly with Commodore Basic 4.0.

With its post "Binary Tree" technology referred to as Inverted Key File Method, CMAR offers a new level of efficient disc management for programs requiring sophisticated multi-key accessing. CMAR performs all read, write, change and delete functions and supports up to five opened keys concurrently. Future hard disc emulations with an unlimited number of secondary keys will provide a "big system" working environment at low cost.

With a random access speed gain of nearly 60% and a sequential speed gain of over 45%, even programs with heavy posting routines, sorts and fetches can become practical and manageable.

CMAR integrates its dynamic file substructure with the application program and Commodore Basic. Since the file system is dynamic, no file reorganization is ever required as in ISAM and Binary Tree configurations.

CMAR requires less than 1 OK bytes of memory and can be expanded to any operational file size, limited only by disc storage capacity. Files can consist of 2,000 to 20,000 keys depending on key size. Additionally, two kinds of key files are permitted; a primary key and its associated data record both based on relative file format.

CMAR is available through CIMARRON and is priced at $99.00 dealer net. A multiple quantity discount structure for application developers is also offered. Documentation only can be purchased separately for $10.00 on diskette in WordCraft 80 format.