Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 20 / JANUARY 1982 / PAGE 189

Artworx Announces New Atari Software

Arthur M. Walsh, Manager of Software Products for Artworx Software Company, 150 N. Main St., Fairport, New York 14450, announced the addition of nine new programs to its present line of software for home computers. All nine programs are available for the Atari computer. They include space games (ENCOUNTER AT QUESTAR fV, $23.95; ROCKET RAIDERS, $f9.95; SPACE TRAP, $14.95), a flight landing simulator (PILOT, $16.95), an excellent blockade game (BLOCKADE, $14.95), two suspenseful adventures (CRANSTON MANOR, $21.95 diskette; THE VAULTS OF ZURICH, $21.95), a text editor (TEXT EDITOR, $39.95 diskette) and a "player missile" editor (PM EDITOR, $29.95).

These and other Artworx programs are available at computer stores or can be ordered directly from Artworx toll free at 800-828-6573 or 716-425-2833.