Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 20 / JANUARY 1982 / PAGE 189

Dental Computer Newsletter

The DCN represents an international group of dentists, physicians and office management people who have interests in office computers. Though the emphasis is on micro computers, many members use minis. We cater to all makes and brand names. DCN offers members:

  1. A monthly newsletter
  2. Software exchange
  3. Advice and experience
  4. Access to members world wide
  5. Computer bulletin board

1982 annual membership dues are $15.00. A little over a dollar per month. Overseas subscriptions are $23.00 (US). Membership runs from January to January. If you join mid year, we will supply you with the year's back issues. Checks can be sent to:

Dental Computer Newsletter
E. J. Neiburger DDS—Editor
1000 North Ave.
Waukegan, IL 60085 USA

Orders: You may order past issues starting with V1:1 (Nov. '78) for $15 per year … $45 for all past issues. Membership/ equipment listings are $5.00. Commercial software and DCN software exchange lists (24 pages+ ) are $4.00.

Sue Neiburger RN
Managing Editor
E. J. Neiburger DDS

Please feel free to call any Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday 9-12 noon (CST) (312)223-5077.