Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 20 / JANUARY 1982 / PAGE 14

"This is first and foremost a great big thank you letter. Thank you for existing so that numbskulls like me have a place to turn to in their ignorance.

Last winter I wrote another computer magazine a letter deploring the dearth of PET material in their columns. Almost as soon as the issue with my letter in it hit the post-boxes, I was inundated by letters from helpful guys (especially Jim Butterfield) who turned me on to you all. Thank goodness! Wish I had the time to thank each of them individually.

One big cloud still hangs over my head though. Why does everybody have to be so much smarter than I? Acronyms fly all over the place in everything I read. And a body would think that you all were more at home inside your PET than you are in your own living rooms. When I open up my 2001, I'm lucky if I can tell back from front! Is there any way short of becoming an electronics wizard for us above referenced numbskulls to get to know what you all are talking so glibly about? Tell me please, how do I get to address $A000 from here?

A kind word which you may wish to pass on to your advertisers is this: If you want us numbskulls to buy your products, stop writing your ads in shorthand!"

J. Paul Morris

We strive to provide articles and programs which are clearly written and easily utilized by all readers. Nevertheless, computer terms are confusing and new ones are added every year. One solution is to buy a dictionary of microcomputer terms—most bookstores carry several. From time to time, we reprint glossaries and we include a number of articles each month which are, essentially, tutorial. Also, "The Beginner's Page" explores a different subject each month (this month it's loops) with extensive definitions of terms and example programs. Finally, "Ask The Readers" itself has become a popular forum for the exchange of information.