Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 20 / JANUARY 1982 / PAGE 14

"I would like to respond to the question raised in "Ask The Readers," COMPUTE! #16, regarding the future of the 6502. I keep hoping some manufacturer will do a 16 bit version of the 6502…as good as the 6809 seems to be, it is still a traumatic switch for those who have cut their teeth on the 6502, to say nothing of the software and hardware investment in the 6502 machines. To me, this shift to the 6809 seems more like a lateral—rather than a forward-looking move for the future.

If I must switch, my choice would be to opt for a 16 bit machine such as the 68000. Then my present 6502 unit would become a smart terminal to access the power of the 16 bit unit. In the interim, may be some clever and enterprising reader will create a dual (parallel operation?) 6502 machine to emulate 16 bit operation.

I believe that if there must be a change (and there will be, as progress demands) then COMPUTE! magazine will demonstrate immeasurable foresight by choosing to lead the way into the 16 bit personal computer world.

Dr. Charles DeSantis