Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 19 / DECEMBER 1981 / PAGE 184

PDI Establishes Division To Produce And Distribute Games

Program Design, Inc., the 4-year old Greenwich, CT educational software company is forming a division to produce and distribute entertainment software for the Atari 400 and 800 computer.

The division, called BEYOND SOFTWARE, is designed with independent software writers in mind. "We are interested in acquiring high-quality arcade, space, and simulation games," says PDI President, John Victor. "We are setting up a system that will cater to the needs of games designers. We will offer attractive terms, plus consulting services to top programmers."

BEYOND SOFTWARE is being established because the Program Design management feels the Atari computers offer exceptional entertainment possibilities.

BEYOND SOFTWARE will be managed by Craig Patchett, the author of CAPTIVITY, a 3-D maze game, and several other game programs.

For additional information, contact Patchett at Program Design, 11 Idar Court, Greenwich, CT 06830; (203)661-8799.