Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 19 / DECEMBER 1981 / PAGE 180

Okidata Adds Interface Options To Microline Printers

Mount Laurel, NJ, October 14—Okidata Corporation, a supplier of quality dot-matrix printers announced the availability of significant new interface options for its Microline family of printers. These options are an IEEE 488 bus adapter and a current loop interface.

The bus adapter option will make all new and existing Microline printers compatible with the IEEE 488 bus. Users of Commodore Pet personal computers will find this option particularly helpful in integrating Microline printers into systems. The IEEE 488 bus adapter option comes in the form of a plug-in board which is easily installed by the user. The connecting cable converts Centronics-compatible parallel data into data compatible with the IEEE 488 bus.

The IEEE 488 bus adapter option will be available later this month. This feature is priced competitively, and quantity pricing is availalble. The board can be used with the Microline 82A, 83A, and 84.

For those users who need a current loop interface, the optional Microline RS-232C high speed serial interface now offered will add a current loop interface capability as a standard feature. The interface board can also be used with the Microline 82A, 83A, and 84.

The high speed RS-232C interface board comes with two different buffer sizes: a two-kilobyte memory or a 256-character storage buffer. The interface has switch-selectable baud rates of up to 9,600 bits per second. The built-in current loop feature will be available soon. The single quantity price for the RS-232C board with two kilobytes of buffer memory and the current loop interface is $160; the price for the one with 256-characters of memory is $130.

Okidata Corporation is headquartered at 111 Gaither Dr., Mt. laurel, NJ 08054.