Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 19 / DECEMBER 1981 / PAGE 186

Link Systems Introduces DataFax

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Santa Monica, CA, October 19, 1981—DataFax, a new approach to information management, is now being marketed by Link Systems. This new Pascal program is designed to allow the user to enter and access information according to individual needs without programming.

DataFax allows the user to enter data in virtually any form and to retrieve it in an individually meaningful way…thus eliminating the constrictions of set programs. Each screen of information you enter can be cross-referenced or categorized by the keywords associated with them such as names, dates, or any categories relevant to your use. Screens may be chained together if necessary and a hard copy obtained.

The DataFax user enters all data via a simple screen editor...anywhere on the screen. The screen editor features cursor movement, along with tabbing and word tabbing. Data can be printed exactly as it appears on the screen or in a personalized report form.

With the cross-referencing and indexing feature, a set of keywords can be entered for each screen. Keywords may be logically ANDed and ORed in any combination, thus providing a powerful data retrieval mechanism.

The program runs on the Apple II and will soon be available for the Apple III. The suggested retail price is $250.

All Link software is hard disk compatible. For further information, or to order, contact Pat Merryman at (213)453-1851. Or write to Link Systems, 1655 26th St., Santa Monica, CA 90404.