Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 17 / OCTOBER 1981 / PAGE 171

Software Development System For CBM, Apple, Atari

Eastern House Software has announced the release of their unbundled MAE Software Development System for the 2001/4001/8032 Commodore, Apple II 3.2/3.3 DOS, and Atari 400 or 800 computers.

If a software developer has a microcomputer in his laboratory or office, he can transform it into a development system via purchase of the MAE software package.

A main advantage of this software is that it is available for several different microcomputers. When a software developer moves from a PET to an APPLE to an ATARI etc., he need not be concerned with the time consuming task of having to relearn a new set of syntaxes, commands, and other peculiarities because this software works similarly on each of these microcomputers.

This software was designed for ease of use and to aid programmer productivity via its extensive text editing capabilities and numerous other programmer development utilities included in the package.

Since the Assembler/Editor are co-resident, continual manual loading of the editor, then assembler, then editor, etc. is not necessary. The main features include: Macros, Conditional Assembly, Interactive Assembly, up to 31 characters/label, string search and/or replace, plus numerous other editing facilities. Even a word processor is included to aid in the development of program descriptions, manuals, and other text. A number of other utilities are also provided — depending on the version, they include Word Processor, forward/reverse scrolling, tape interface, machine language macro library, library of disk driver subroutines, source of information file, relocating loader, etc.

A cross-assembler version which assembles 6800 source code is available and other cross assemblers are in the works. A detailed spec sheet is available to anyone interested in this software. Price $169.95. Contact:

Eastern House Software
3239 Linda Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106