Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 17 / OCTOBER 1981 / PAGE 171

NEW Products

AUTO-CAT... The Automatic Answer Direct Connect Modem

An auto answer, FCC approved, direct connect 300 baud modem, is now available from Novation, Inc., Tarzana, California.

The Bell 103 compatible AUTO-CAT will communicate at 300 baud over dial-up telephone lines using a standard modular jack. It has three data modes: automatic answer, manual answer, and manual originate. It will operate in either full or half-duplex, and features both local and remote-loopback test functions. The interface between computer and modem is the EIA RS-232.

Pressure sensitive switches on the end of the AUTO-CAT case select its answer or originate functions. LED's give a constant indication of the unit's operational status. The compact 10", 4.7", 1.2" modem uses a separate AC power supply that eliminates heat and voltage hazards.

In addition to communication over standard telephone lines, the AUTO-CAT will also automatically answer each call. This feature offers users the benefits of unattended operation for personal and business computers and terminals. Data can be made available 24 hours-a-day. Using AUTO-CAT, executives can communicate with their office computers in the evenings, on week-ends, even on holidays or vacations, and hobbyists can access their home computers from just about any location with a phone.

The AUTO-CAT is priced at $249.00 for quantity one and is available throughout the country from authorized Novation distributors, dealers, computer stores, and retail electronic outlets. The AUTO-CAT provides the user with access to data banks, and the ability to swap personal programs with other computer users. The AUTO-CAT is designed to maximize the potential of communications with any computer or terminal.

For further information contact
Novation, Inc.,
18664 Oxnard St.,
Tarzana, CA
Telephone 213-996-5060.