Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 17 / OCTOBER 1981 / PAGE 18

"Regarding Edward Sweeney's letter to you (in your August issue), VOTRAX has made every attempt to insure that every customer has received sufficient information to use Type-'N-Talk. We received a letter dated 7-6-81 from Mr. Sweeney and tried to contact him. Unfortunately, our attempt to reach him by phone was futile since his phone was found to be disconnected. We immediately responded to his letter by forwarding to him both the basic program lines necessary to use T-N-T with an Atari, as well as the necessary cable configuration (since Atari uses a non-standard cable). We subsequently received a letter dated 7-26-81 from Mr. Sweeney thanking us for fulfilling his requirements.

In order to eliminate connection problems that may arise, VOTRAX is and has been offering RS232C compatible cables for many of the personal computers including: Apple, Atari, Heath, Ohio Scientific, and Radio Shack models I, II, III and the color computer. As far as driving software is concerned, access to the RS232 Port (and thereby the T-N-T) is accomplished (in most systems) by using a simple print statement. In other words, if you want T-N-T to say "Hello", you simply print "Hello". Additionally, many of the major software houses are currently either converting existing programs or developing new programs to utilize this new dimension now available to virtually any computer.

If any of your readers have purchased T-N-T, or are contemplating purchasing T-N-T, technical questions should be directed to me at (313) 588-0341."

Douglas A. Porath
Applications Engineer, Votrax.