Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 167 / AUGUST 1994 / PAGE 105

Praxim. (Windows Program Manager add-on) (Software Review) (Evaluation)
by J. Blake Lambert

One of the frustrations of using Windows is that some simple tasks take many clicks. You can either get used to it or get Praxim, a terrific, inexpensive Program Manager add-on or replacement that combines the ease of use of the Windows GUI with the speed and flexibility of the DOS command line.

Praxim offers two primary interfaces, a set of toolboxes and a command line. The command line lets you enter, edit, and review DOS, Windows, and Praxim commands. It adds a number of custom commands, including Tree, Browse, Prune, Touch, FF (Find File), Search, Head, Tail, LC (Line Count), Eval (math), Hist (command history), and Alias. Praxim puts the results of each command into a separate scrollable window. If you prefer, it can send all output to one scrollable window, to the Clipboard (great idea), or to a message box. Items in the scrollable output window are linked to the operating system. After performing a Dir command, for example, you can click on filenames in the scrollable output window to delete files, run programs, and so on.

Click the right mouse button, and you'll see a toolbox that varies according to the most likely operation for the currently highlighted item. There are separate autoselected toolboxes for files, directories, drives, commands, disk images (byte-for-byte copies of floppies), and numbers.

The command line runs DOS and Windows programs from the filename (such as PBRUSH.EXE), the application name (Paintbrush), or a unique part of the name (such as PBR). Praxim will find the program and run it, or give you a pick list if you fail to enter a unique string. Praxim also supports enhanced batch files.

On installation, Praxim creates a toolbox called Favorite Tools (generally, the biggest programs it finds). The toolbox is compact; each tool has a button that's easy to move and copy. Toolboxes can even be nested, with toolboxes inside other toolboxes (something that's impossible with Windows Program Manager groups). There's even a trash can into which you can drag files, for those with Mac envy.

Praxim keeps track of your Program Manager groups and creates a toolbox for each one. In addition, Praxim has a Browser that serves as its File Manager. Praxim features internal multitasking, so you can, for instance, start an application while copying files or formatting a disk.

Praxim is a great program and an exceptional bargain. Having equally easy access with the keyboard or the mouse makes Windows simpler and quicker to use, and who wouldn't want that?

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