Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 164 / MAY 1994 / PAGE 100

Teddy's Big Day (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation)
by Karen Lee Siepak

Preschoolers who enviously watch older siblings enjoy hours of computer fun now have reason to smile. Teddy's Big Day, from InterActive Publishing, lets the youngest child--six months old, even--control the action.

The game stars Teddy, an adorable teddy bear who moves through a fun-filled day. From the moment he awakens, Teddy waits patiently for your child to urge him on with a mouse click or keypress. Prompted, he will brush his teeth, find a birthday cake, dance, fly a helicopter, and complete other entertaining activities.

Animation is smooth and colorful, and Teddy is so adorable that you and your child will laugh and giggle at his antics and expressions. As your child makes the connection that keypresses and mouse clicks prompt Teddy, together you can explore how to control variables such as Teddy's speed.

When older siblings begin begging for computer time, you can lure your preschooler from the game with the incredibly cuddly hands-on teddy bear packaged with the game. This may not be easy, though, as toddlers won't soon tire of controlling Teddy's antics. And if you peek around the corner later, you're liable to see your child helping the stuffed Teddy dance just like the one in Teddy's Big Day.