Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 159 / DECEMBER 1993 / PAGE 136

IMSI PC Stylus, IMSI Mouse. (International Microcomputer Software, Incorporated mouse and input device) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation)
by Anthony Moses

Does your old mouse make clicking a drag? International Microcomputer Software, Incorporated (IMSI) has two alternatives for you.

The IMSI PC Stylus has a penlike design for those who find a mouse unwieldy. Artists in particular may find the Stylus easier to draw with than a mouse. The primary (left, on a mouse) button is prominently placed near the base of the Stylus and has a raised knob, making it easy to identify by touch. The center and right buttons are side by side and directly above the left button--a position I occasionally found awkward.

If you work from a laptop or notebook PC, you'll be delighted that the Stylus doesn't need any desk space at all. You can use the Stylus on almost any surface--and if no surface is available, you can flip it over and use it as a thumb-driven trackball. The only Stylus-resistant surface I've encountered so far is, ironically, a mouse pad--the nonrubberized ball of the Stylus lacks the traction necessary for use on a mouse pad. The Stylus has an adjustable resolution of 400 to 1200 dpi. It comes with a vinyl carrying case and Cursorific, a program that lets you choose from a number of nevelty cursor designs--just the thing for Windows users who are tired of looking at the same old arrow and hourglass.

For those of you woh prefer a traditional mouse, the IMSI mouse has a gracefu, yet practical, design. It fits neatly in the hollow of your hand, with three equally sized buttons spaced for your fingers to reach naturally. The tracking speed is easily adjustable, so using the mouse requires minimal hand movement; the 6- x 8-inch pad inclded in the package provides more room than you'll really need. If you use a pointing device to create graphics, you'll appreciate the IMSI Mouse's resolution range of 290 to 2900 dpi, which allows for finer detail in creating designs onscreen. To take advantage of its high resolution, the IMSI Mouse is packaged with Image 72 graphics software. The program supports a hand-held scanner as well as the mouse and can import and export a number of graphics and desktop publishing formats.

Besides the installation software, the IMSI PC Stylus come with MenuDirect Gold, a menuing program with a file manager, calendar, and calculator. Bothpackages provide adapters for 9-pin and 25-pin serial ports; the Stylus also includes an adapter for a PS/2 mouse port. And both packages are compatible with Microsoft, Mouse Systems, and Windows drivers.